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The paintings shown are located in London, UK. Each painting is mounted and framed behind glass. If you are interested in purchasing one of them please mail [at] franhoward [dot] org [dot] uk (contact the artist by e-mail.)

United Kingdom
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South Africa
45 images
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Dhow coming home, Zanzibar
Image Size: 13 x 10"
Price: £350
Venice, dusk
Image Size: 16 x 8¼"
Price: £325
Mwamba, Zambia
Image Size: 11¼ x 5¾"
Price: NFS
Old Mondoro Zambia
Image Size: 15 x 10¼"
Price: £350
Cheetah, Botswana
Image Size: 15¼ x 10¼"
Price: NFS
Krka Forest
Image Size: 10 x 5⅝"
Price: NFS
Gulf of Kvarner
Image Size: 14 x 10"
Price: £350
Venetian Sunset
Image Size: 15⅞ x 7½"
Price: £350
Haffjardara River, Iceland
Image Size: 14¾ x 8⅛"
Price: £325
Haffjardara River II
Image Size: 12⅞ x 6½"
Price: £250
The Danube, Hungary
Image Size: 14 x 9¾"
Price: £400
Italian Doorway
Image Size: 11¼ x 8¾"
Price: £250
Dhow, Kilindi, Zanzibar
Image Size: 9 x 9"
Price: NFS
Central Park NYC
Image Size: 10 x 6¾"
Price: £200
St Isaacs, St Petersburg
Image Size: 11 x 9"
Price: £300
Olive Grove, Corfu II
Image Size: 20¾ x 15"
Price: £600
Amboseli Elephants
Image Size: 13¼ x 9¾"
Price: £400
Image Size: 8¾ x 6½"
Price: £200
Horseman, Lamu
Image Size: 6½ x 8½"
Price: SOLD
Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Image Size: 14 x 8¾"
Price: SOLD
Turkana Country
Image Size: 10¼ x 7⅝"
Price: SOLD
Herders, Rift Valley
Image Size: 15½ x 11"
Price: SOLD

Fran Howard was born in Sussex in 1935 but lived much of the time in South Africa from 1946 to 1973. He now lives in London. He worked in finance in mining and industry in South Africa, the United States and the United Kingdom until 1987 and consulted until retiring in 2001. Since 1990 he has been involved in community health development in Eastern and Southern Africa and he visits these regions regularly.

Fran Howard took up painting in watercolour in 1991 and spends an increasing amount of his time painting in the field. For a time he was tutored by the late Charles Longbotham RWS. He finds his subjects in England, Provence, Kenya and South Africa, and other places he visits on holiday. He particularly enjoys landscapes, coastal scenes and seascapes. He has exhibited at charity “Art for Africa” exhibitions in London in the late 1990’s, at St Judes Gallery in Somerset in 2002/3, in London, including the Chelsea Art Society's annual exhibitions and at private exhibitions. He is a member of the Chelsea Art Society.

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